Review of the RES directive

The Renewables directive (2009/28/EC) lays out critical foundations for much of the renewable energy sector. RECS International often helps by providing the EU commission with commentary from the market for future reviews of the directive. In addition RECS International provides comments to organizations who are directly or indirectly influenced by the directive. Offering out help and ideas during these consultation periods are invaluable. 

  • A recent consultation from CEER, the Council of European Energy Regulators, asked respondents to comment on the European 20-20-20 targets. RECS International’s response can be seen here.


  • A consultation from Directorate-General for Energy also recently had a consultation asking about policy frameworks for the the medium-term (i.e. until 2030). You are able to view the webpage from DG Energy about the consultation here or download the RECS International response here


  • From the Directorate-General for Competition this consultation in which RECS International participated focused mainly on state-aid. It is available for download here.