Target compliance market

A target compliance market exists when certificate systems are used to meet a national (renewable) electricity obligation, as mandated in the European 20-20-20 targets. Examples of countries with compliance markets are: the UK (the Renewable Obligation Certificates or ROCs), Sweden (Elcert), Belgium (all three districts have their own certificate system; groen certificaat/certificat Vert), Poland (linked to the Guarantee of Origin), Italy (Certificati Verdi), Romania and others.

RECS International is of the opinion that a European-wide certificate scheme could reduce the cost of new implemented renewables while allowing member states to reach their targets. It is possible to find a parallel to this type of system in many individual states in America who share targets and compete for the same or similar compliance certificates.  

A European example of this happening was seen in the beginning of 2012 when Norway and Sweden started their El-CERT compliance certificate market.

Are you interested in learning more about what the target compliance market is? From there you can discover more about cooperation mechanisms, or how the voluntary market can work together with the compliance market.  Finally, review papers RECS International has written to gain a deeper understanding of what is a possible future for European renewable electricity production.