RECS International welcomes a new member

20 February 2018

RECS International is pleased to welcome a new member: Becour.

Becour is short for “be courageous”. We believe that the future is electric, renewable and digitalized.

Facing climate changes with huge impacts on the life of people all around the world, it is time to be courageous. To face the challenge, energy must be produced in a renewable way. Energy users, companies and individuals, has a role to play in moving energy production from non-renewable to renewable. By choosing renewable energy with guarantee of origin, energy users can send a very strong message to the energy industry that they must change. Becour enable energy users to choose renewable energy and producers of renewable energy to realize the green values.

Becour aim for being a great place to work, to be economically sustainable and to contribute in improving the world.

Becour is striving to achieve a transparent market for renewable energy. It is our vision that all energy sources must be tracked. Not just renewable, but also nuclear and fossil sources. Becour AS operates with open books and transparent solutions.

Becour AS is based in the city of Fredrikstad, Norway. Hans Petter Kildal is Managing Director. He has been active in RECS since 1999 and has had several positions within RECS over the years.

We are grateful for being included as a member of RECS and we are looking forward to support and contribute to the development of the market for renewable energy with guarantee of origin.

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RECS International is very pleased to be working with Becour and to jointly shape a renewable electricity market.