RECS International is a Dutch foundation with its secretariat headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

RECS International Secretariat Staff

Jared Braslawsky              - Secretary General
Peter Niermeijer                -  Senior Consultant
Mirte van Geenen              - Associate 

Board Members

Claes Hedenström - Chairman / President / Sweden - Vattenfall 

Thomas Eccard - Agder Energi Solutions

Tom Lindberg - Norway - ECOHZ

Louis von Moos - Switzerland - Verein ECS Switzerland

Marie-Christine Bluett - Switzerland - The Southpole Group

Saptarshi Pal - Netherlands - Statkraft Markets B.V.


Advisory Group

Jan-Atle Liodden - Norway - Agder Energi
Niels Dupont - Denmark - Vindenergi Danmark
Leyre La Casta - Spain - Iberdrola Generacion
Blanka Povh - Slovenia - HSE (Holding Slovenske Elektrarne)
Roger Rütze - Luxembourg - Luxembourg Energy Office
Pierre Picard - France - Green-Access
Nicholas O'Keeffe - Iceland - Danske Commodities
Juha Ruokonen - Finland - Fortum Markets


A certificate system is always tied to a geographic or political boundary. In line with the Association of Issuing Bodies, all members of RECS International within the same geographic area, or ‘domain’, have national teams that elect a board member to represent them for a two-year period. 

All board/advisory group members meet at quarterly RECS meetings.